Dear mommy to be,

I’m so delighted you found your way here. If you’re struggling with infertility then you’re in the right place. Hundreds of women just like you have come here looking for ways to reduce the stress of infertility and improve their chances of getting pregnant and hundreds of babies have come into the world as a result.

If you choose to join me on this journey, you will walk away a different person. One who can handle pregnancy announcements with grace, one who knows she’s going to be a mom in time, and one who amazes her family, friends, and doctors with her new attitude and skills.

Fertility Within has been a divinely orchestrated labor of love. I started working with infertility patients more than 10 years ago after my own 3-year struggle with getting pregnant.

The experience of infertility changed me. At the time I was a big mucky muck executive at AT&T and I thought I had the world at my fingertips, but my infertility struggle took me to my knees. The good news is that it was also the launch pad for the most amazing journey of my life, the one that brought me here.

After I had my son via IVF, I felt truly called to work with other women struggling with infertility. So I went back to school. I received my Masters degree in Psychology and I went to Boston to get certified to teach the Harvard based mind body program taught by my mentor Alice Domar, Phd. It was an amazing few years as I prepared to do this work.

I started teaching some mind/body infertility groups at UCLA and I began to develop relationships with the local Reproductive Endocrinologists. I attended and spoke at several Resolve symposiums, and ultimately I launched my first full service mind/body practice.  All the while, I continued to work on myself.

I spent 5 years studying under some of world’s most prominent teachers of feminine wisdom and transformative learning. It turned out that what I uncovered in my work with the empowered feminine augmented the traditional clinical program I had been teaching. As I incorporated these new principals and ideas something remarkable started to happen. Pregnancy rates went up. A lot. We were consistently seeing pregnancy rates of more than 80%. The only word the doctor I was working with could come up was “remarkable”.  But keep in mind, even though we experience pregnancy rates that high, it’s not a clinical double blind study.

Nothing lights me up more than getting the news that one of my patients is pregnant. Every sweet baby picture I am so blessed to receive brings a lump to my throat and a smile to my face. It never get’s old.

I imagine these beautiful children coming into the world with the blessing of having a mom who struggled with infertility. A mom who has discovered her own inner wisdom and power. A mom who knows how to gracefully navigate the ups and downs that are inevitable in life. A mom who lives in deep gratitude for the gift of life itself.

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With love and blessings,