“The Fertility Within course was the best thing I could have ever done during this infertility journey. After 7 weeks, I had many great tools to cope with my stress and anxiety that had gotten way out of control. I noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety and more confidence with myself immediately after practicing the meditation and other skills Paula taught us. And best of all, I’m pregnant! “

Denise, Manhattan Beach

“Thank you again for everything. Whatever the outcome of this second IVF, I feel so much better now thanks to your advice and the techniques you shared. I have acquired lifelong tools to reduce stress and anxiety, and to be a stronger wife and professional women.” (Mom when the time will be)

Helen’s 2nd IVF was successful and she has a beautiful baby girl!

Helen, Redondo Beach

“The Fertility Within course is a profound exploration in the nature of health in its widest sense, and healing in its many dimensions. Beyond that, it is a guide to a life well lived.??Anyone dealing with infertility knows that it turns your life upside down. While achieving pregnancy was the obvious goal for participating in these classes, its ultimate purpose was getting my life back on track.??Working with Paula really helped me incorporate coping skills in my daily activities. She helped me decrease my levels of stress, anxiety and anger and also offered me a support network from others going through the same extremely emotional experience. I wish I knew about this course from my initial consultation with my fertility doctor. Most women by the time they need to see a reproductive specialist are so distraught and scared. It was in the Fertility Within that I noticed a shift in me and my thought patterns. I know the reason I have my twins today is because of the inner work I did in conjunction with medical treatment.”

Sally, Los Angeles

“I feel so thankful to have found Paula’s course, it was really powerful and allowed me to shift some of the beliefs I was holding about my infertility. We have been on the fertility path for almost 3 years now, with two pregnancy loses and the dreaded diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”. Although I have done some deep work during this time, Paula’s course allowed me to reconnect to a sense of being on an amazing journey of personal discovery. The meditations and weekly calls also served me so much, creating a sense of connection and personal attention. And Paula is so wonderful, her depth of knowledge and her experience with so many women really shows. Some women live in areas where they can easily attend a local infertility support group, but the nearest group for me is almost 2 hours away. The Fertility Within online course provided critical access to support and guidance, in a way that fit into my schedule. I was worried about spending the money but by the third week I knew it was the best investment I could have made. I came across this course at the perfect time, and I am so grateful to have it as an ongoing resource!”

Briana M, San Francisco

“Paula Dowd’s Fertility Within program completely transformed my experience with infertility. I was angry, upset, frustrated and floundering in a sea of “too much information,” before she taught me to tune in to my natural maternal instincts — not to create children, but to nurture myself so I could become an appropriate vessel to hold those children. Not only did participating in Paula’s program help me get pregnant, but her meditations continued to serve me throughout my pregnancy and even into my first weeks and months as a new mom to twins. I am certain my children would not be here today if I hadn’t enlisted her help. I began “seeing” her through phone sessions in November and found out I was pregnant in May!”

Amy, San Diego

“I started working with Paula after our first failed IVF cycle. My spirits were so low at that point, I had really lost hope. From the moment I first spoke with her I felt lighter. Her empathy and understanding helped me tremendously through those first few weeks. But the real beauty came out of the deeper work we did together. Through meditation, something I had never been good at, cognitive restructuring and various other tools that she taught me, I had a dramatic turn in my emotions. I was able to face the challenges of our infertility with less fear and sadness, something that carried over into the rest of my life as well. It has paid off in so many ways. We were blessed to finally conceive, and I feel so much more emotionally prepared as I move through this pregnancy. Whenever fears arise, and they still do, I implement something that Paula taught me – what a wonderful gift.”?

Brigitte, Los Angeles

“I am very grateful to have participated in the Fertility Within home study course. It was the best investment I made for myself while faced with my infertility challenge. The meditation exercises and being in the presence of other women to support and who understand my infertility issues helped me overcome my depression. I gained valuable mental tools to help me through my personal journey and to apply to everyday life. I come away feeling more in control of my emotions and stress levels. This program prepared me for motherhood in way’s that wouldn’t have been possible without it.”

Melinda successfully conceived and delivered healthy twins!

Melinda, Redondo Beach

“After more than two years of aggressive fertility treatments and extreme?disappointment, I hit bottom emotionally and physically. I needed to shift?the way I was handling stress and the way I was approaching trying to?conceive. Paula taught me effective tools — and in the process led by?example. Being in Paula’s Zen-like presence, I was continually reminded to?breathe, slow down and be mindful. I actually got what it felt like to relax?in my body for the first time in a long time.?”

Gina, Los Angeles

“I am so grateful for this course. I really don’t think we could have made it through this whole process without the amazing tools we learned and Paula’s empathetic ear. There are no words that accurately express how I feel, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Kristen, Redondo Beach

“I want to thank you for everything you did for us and helping us along this journey. You have no Idea how grateful I am for all you have done :). Your course was the best and really did help me through so much. We are going to try again for baby number 2, I’ll keep you updated. I may need your services soon again!”

Cindy, Hermosa Beach

“Thank you for sharing your purpose and path so authentically with me Paula. I can really see my desire to connect with other dynamic women that are not just friends but women that can help me in my growth. Yet another reason why I am glad our paths crossed! I absolutely love being a mommy! It was sooo worth everything we had to go through to get here. In our sessions, I told you I was going to focus on joining a mommy and me class and trying to build friendships with other women. I have done that and it is going great!”

Jessica, Long Beach

“I never knew how much I was going to grow from this experience. The way that my infertility journey, with all its pain, was an opportunity for me to grow. I’m so grateful. I feel so much more whole now. I’m not sure I truly was prepared for motherhood, but I know I am now. Paula introduced me to new ways of seeing my life, who I am and how to relate and react to the different things that come my way. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m grateful for my infertility journey – it has taught me more than I’ll ever know.”

Katherine, New York

“I would not be at this place without the wonderful example you set for me in compassion, real moment by moment deep listening to my shares, and that little extra wake-up call to consciousness that you instilled in every call. I am forever grateful for it all. It has led me here. Paula I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your Fertility Within course is nothing short of amazing. I will always be grateful to you. You have mid-wifed significant differences in my life.”

Mary, Los Angeles

“Paula’s coaching style is a combination of motivation, clear thinking and compassion. Her background, breadth of knowledge and understanding of human nature allowed me to thoroughly trust her. Paula has a lazar like focus that gets to the core in short order. She knows how to inspire, guide and support her clients. I will always be grateful to Paula for her profound coaching skills and would recommend Paula Dowd to anyone who is ready to thrive!”

Denise, Los Angeles

“Without Paula’s support and guidance I would never be where I am today. I will ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL for our time together and how she helped me to grow.”

Terry, Texas

“The Fertility Within program was life changing for both my husband and me. Paula helped us get through very difficult times and gave us the tools to manage in the future. Paula is more than a counselor, she became a partner to my husband and I on this journey. She personally understands the struggles and doesn’t ever minimize your feelings. As a result of this work I now have a beautiful baby boy after many painful miscarriages, I didn’t think it was possible!”

Elizabeth, Los Angeles

“Because of my work with Paula, I don’t feel so alone and feel like I can better manage the emotional surges caused by IVF treatments. The Fertility Within program has made me more hopeful about my chances to get pregnant and myself in general. These teachings helped me at a time when I was just devastated. And on our 3rd IVF (immediately after the Fertility Within course) we got pregnant with a singleton. I don’t think I could have faced another round of IVF on my own.”

Kristen, Palos Verdes

“After three years of unsuccessful fertility procedures I found the Fertility Within course. It helped me see the areas in this process that I could control and empowered me to make changes that had a huge impact on my life and my stress level. There’s no doubt those changes are the reason I got pregnant. My son is now 4 months old…today actually, and I never could have imagined my life so full of love.”

Carrie, Los Angeles

“I ended up getting pregnant without treatment exactly 2 months from starting the work with Paula. This is after 4 failed IUI’s and 2 IVF. I am eternally grateful!?”

Jamie, Los Angeles

“I recommend the Fertility Within program because it helped me realize and overcome issues that had built up over a 5-year long infertility journey. Besides emotional support, I learned very useful, hands-on techniques to prepare myself for another round of IVF treatment — the one that resulted in a baby!?”

Petra, Los Angeles

“My infertility journey finally ended. After 8 years and 5 losses, I have a beautiful five-month-old son. The Fertility Within course taught me a great deal about fear and compromise and I know has ultimately changed how I am as a parent for the better.”

Corrine, Maryland

“I was able to eliminate anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness from my life. I also am now a mother with 2 healthy children. (Paula’s) This program is amazing and extremely helpful for someone going through the fertility journey. She creates a safe environment that lets you explore your fears and worries so that you can work through them. I am a better woman, wife, and now mother because of the lessons I learned from Paula.”?

Danielle, Los Angeles

“Paula’s course is clear, inspirational and spot on. The things I uncovered and walked through during the 7 weeks lead me to greater self-awareness and a deeper ability to be connected to my body.
Her wisdom and intuition took me to places I hadn’t imagined and have made me a better mother and woman! Thank you Paula!”

Tracy, Ventura

“Paula’s work has opened me up to new ways of approaching the problems in my life. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and taken on new behaviors that have made a huge difference in how I feel and relate to others.”

Kate, Ireland